Our bespoke shutters are a stylish and robust solution which offer great privacy and control of lighting within your home. Shutters can be fitted to all rooms of the home and are not just limited to windows. The shutters we produce and install are built to last from high quality timbers and finished to an exceptional standard. By taking highly accurate measurements we custom make your shutters to fit perfectly within any area of your room, which is something other window dressings just cant achieve!

Shutters London supply some of the best wooden shutters available in the UK. We use only the best wood and materials, combined with our traditional joinery methods which result in highly stylish and usable shutters. Our shutters are the ultimate window solution giving unrivalled control of light and also helping to insulate and regulate air flow throughout the rooms of your home.

All our shutters are finished to the highest level and guaranteed for 3 years as standard. We fit and finish your shutters in multiple layers of paint or varnish which results in a long lasting and rich finish to suit your existing d├ęcor. We also offer optional extras to compliment and further enhance your new shutters.


We design the shutters around your own property and needs. By discussing your requirements and looking at your existing homes design, we can come up with a tailor made solution for any room of the home, which not only look amazing but function in a way that you and your family need. There are so many materials, styles and finishes within our ranges that your shutters will be truly unique to your home.

Guaranteed Quality

All our shutters come complete with a 3 or 5 year guarantee on your panels and workmanship. We manufacture our shutters to the highest of standard and use only the best materials available to us. All shutters are created to stand the test of time and finished using techniques that will last. We take pride in the longevity of our shutters and work and appreciate that your shutters are an investment!

Light Control

Using the louvres and tilt rods you can quickly and easily control light and airflow throughout the room and home. Some of our shutters allow for separate light control on different sections of the shutters which further enhances the control of light. We also offer remote control solutions for those looking to control light entry at the touch of a button.

Ultimate Privacy

One of the main aspects of shutters is that you can quickly regulate light or even completely black out a room. By adjusting the louvres to closed, a room can become private when needed with very little light able to enter the room. Perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms and indeed any other room where privacy is needed at certain times.

Insulation Properties

Our shutters are the best window dressings available when it comes to insulation. Keeping heat and warmth in your home when the temperature drops outside and keeping heat and energy within the home. This in turn brings down your energy consumption and can lead to smaller utility bills. Because out shutters are made to measure they create the perfect shield between the room and window, with the wood from the shutters naturally acting as great insulation.