Full Height Shutters

fullheightshuttersFull height shutters are the most popular style of shutters in the UK and are often requested for fitting in many properties throughout London. This type of shutter is an industry standard style which covers the window from top to bottom allowing for easy adjustment of lighting and also fantastic blocking out of light.

Many people regard full height shutters as one of the less versatile styles of shutter we offer, but by fitting a mid-rail you can adjust the full height shutters separately at the top and bottom. This can also act to strengthen shutters which are of a great height. With the use of a mid-rail your shutters can be uniquely operated depending on the room that they have been fitted, allowing for privacy or light entry at different sections of the shutter.

As with all our shutters they are hinged to the wall allowing for them to be fully opened when maximum light or access to the windows behind is needed. They can be styled and finished in many different ways depending on your own style or the existing d├ęcor you have in the room.

One of the great things about our full height shutters are the insulation that they provide. They are fantastic at keeping in the heat and can carry out a better job than having secondary glazing because of how well the wood acts as an insulator. Full height shutters cover the whole window and are fitted millimetre perfect, so when closed keep the room and your house warm throughout the colder months!

Full Height Shutter Benefits

  • Suitable for all rooms and interiors including bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • Amazing insulation properties out of all the styles.
  • Great blackout privacy and security.