Shutter Ranges

Our range of shutters are made up of different materials and properties which make them suitable for different rooms and fittings. You can find out more about each of our ranges below.

Antigua Range

antiguarangeThe Antigua range is created using medium density fibreboard which helps create a robust range of shutters which is also very affordable. The shutters are wrapped in a water resistant polyurethane coating which is an ideal solution for damp areas and make them child and pet friendly. >> More Info


Bali Range

The Bali Range of shutters are LDF with ABS louvres and then sealed with a waterproof coating, making them great for areas that come into contact with moisture. The shutters are finished to closely resemble our hardwood shutters and are lightweight but also very rigid and durable. >> More Info



Cuba Range

cubarangeManufactured using three different hard woods the Cuba Range of shutters are a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution which are light weight, yet rigid. This range can be designed to fit the majority of windows and doors and is finished in a smooth choice of spray paints. >> More Info



Fiji Range

The Fiji Range is made up of a beautiful full bodied hardwood which is best known for its natural water resistance and rigidity. It has a tight straight grain which looks fantastic with a stained finish. There are many options of finishes including 11 paints and 15 stains. >> More Info



Java Range

Our Java Shutters come with a hardwood core which is then coated in ABS plastic. This makes the range perfect for commercial applications and wet rooms such as bathrooms and shower areas. The coating allows for quick and easy cleaning so perfect for those with children and pets. >> More Info



Sumatra Range

Sumatra Shutters are a favourite premium wood range which has great strength and stability. These shutters are perfect for hanging across wide areas and using for track systems due to their strength and light weight. These shutters look fantastic in all finishes with a choice of 28 paints and 20 stains! >> More Info