Tier on Tier Shutters

tierontiershuttersTier on Tier shutters are one of our most versatile solutions with louvres that can move independently at the top and bottom of the shutters. Because of this you can separately control the light entry and privacy at the top and bottom. Traditionally the shutters have a smaller separate tier at the top which means that the taller bottom tier can be closed for privacy whilst still allowing full light flow in from the top. With this option you can of course still open the shutters fully on summer days or anywhere in between depending on your preference at the time.

Because of their functionality and practicality they are the perfect option for all weather conditions and seasons. In the warmer weather you can open both tiers for maximum light and air flow, with the option of closing or tilting the louvres in the colder weather or at night for extra warmth and privacy.

We are often asked to fit tier on tier shutters when fitting shutters in London, because in some of the built up areas or properties on roads privacy can be a must at many times throughout the day. Because of the separate tiers you can achieve this privacy, whilst still allowing for maximum light flow through the top section!

Tier on Tier Shutter Benefits

  • Versatile style offering great light and privacy.
  • Great insulation still covering full length of the windows.
  • No need to compromise light when requiring privacy.