Antigua Range

antiguarangeAntigua shutters are manufactured using our medium density fibreboard and then finished in a polypropylene coating. Antigua shutters are available in 6 white colours depending on your preference. We recommend these shutters for use on small to medium windows in many different rooms around the home. The shutters allow for 47mm to 114mm louvres which gives a wide choice when styling your new shutters.

This range is fantastic for square and rectangle windows although it is also possible to use these shutters on linier shaped openings such as triangles. Antigua are highly resistant to colour fading and are completed with a decorative bead which runs the length of the style. They come with a 3 year warranty on all joinery for your peace of mind.

Antigua Range Benefits

  • 6 white colours available
  • Water resistant coating
  • Affordable, yet still great quality
  • 3 year warranty on all joinery