Shutter Styles

Below you can find some information about the shutter styles that we offer. You can find more detailed information about any of the styles on offer or see examples of them over in our Gallery section!

Full Height Shutters

fullheightshuttersOur full height shutters are one of the most popular in our range. These shutters simply dress your windows and doors from top to bottom in a non complicated way which looks great wherever they are placed. This style provides fantastic installation and is suitable for all types of homes and interiors. >> More Info


Tier on Tier Shutters

tierontiershuttersOne of the most versatile styles in our range, the tier on tier shutters are designed in the same way barn doors operate. The top can be operated independently from the bottom section allowing for versatile light and privacy when needed. Due to the two sections you never have to compromise between light and privacy. These are best suited in living areas and offices. >> More Info


Cafe Style Shutters

cafestyleshuttersOur Café style shutters normally cover the bottom half of your windows and look fantastic dressed with or without curtains. With the top half of your window free from shutters you are able to inject maximum light into the room whilst also maintaining privacy when needed. These are the perfect option for homes facing a built up area or street. >> More Info


Solid Shutters

solidshuttersSolid Shutters are the most traditional looking style of shutters and look fantastic on older period buildings. These provide maximum blackout when closed and offer a traditional look for many rooms of the home. They are the most durable style of shutters and act as a fantastic insulator. >> More Info


Special Shape Shutters

specialshapeshuttersWhen fitting shutters to more complex window recesses and areas of the home, we work with our clients to design attractive shaped shutters which fit the area perfectly. These shutters can fit in places where traditional blinds and curtains just won’t go. We can build shutters to fit almost all areas and shapes. >> More Info


Track System Shutters

tracksystemshuttersFor large windows and openings these track system shutters can provide the perfect sliding divide. Often used on long runs of windows or as a divider between rooms and openings to patio doors, these shutters provide a fantastic solution for awkward to dress openings. >> More Info